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I’m an artist, a graphic designer, and an all-around crafty b*tch. My favourite colour is rainbow and my spirit animal is, of course, a unicorn

I grew up in Summerside, PE and studied Graphic Design at Holland College in Charlottetown.  Since then I've been fortunate to work with many large global brands (BMO, Dell Canada, Facebook, Cineplex, Loblaw), worked in corporate settings as well as a freelancer.


Painting, art and crafting was always my 'side thing' or hobby. I've done mixed media arts, fused glass, screen printing, resin, wood working, interior design, film production design... you name it. I've always had the dream to create my own art studio where I could foster what I’ve learned and pass that on to my friends, family and others who love to create.

I want to change the mindset that “art can’t be a career”. It can. My husband and I are living proof. We are two artistic people, with artistic careers and have made a happy, creative life for ourselves. At the core of that, is always making time to create. Art isn’t just about making something aesthetically beautiful, it’s about making something you can talk about and share. You can put a piece of yourself inside of it and have others experience your story. 

So, join me on the journey to explore your creativity.

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