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When I was a kid, with dreamy eyes of Hollywood and making stories, I promised myself that if I was ever in a position to help other aspiring story tellers, I WOULD!


Because this business is HARD.

Not only hard to break into, but hard to stay in, hard to maintain, and hard to navigate and understand. And the reason why, is that people who are a success in the business, know this, and keep things close to their chests. But it’s not what you think. They aren’t all out to block new talent from coming onto the scene. I promise you. This is being sold to you, by other disgruntled people, but the truth is, like anything in life, when you build trust with people you find it hard to work with new people.


I’ll give you an example, when you’re looking for a contractor to do a repair, renovate a room, whatever, you ask your friends who they recommend. Well, the movie business works like this too, and them’s just the breaks!


Before I knew that fact, like you, I’ve been to many seminars, paid for many online communities, script notes, script doctors, all of it, when I was in my 20’s, and realistically, every single place had the same things to say, or gave the same advice, but no one really gave you a full understanding of what it took to “break in”.


And I’ll tell you why, because every story is different. There is no “magic recipe” that will break you into this business. None. Realistically, it comes down to who you know and hard work. And having some talent doesn’t hurt.


This is why being a new person, knowing nobody, is the HARDEST way to get through the door. Your work must be PERFECT, so that the first person who picks it up, can’t put it down.


So, what can I offer you? Well, the average script doctor/script consultant/quasi-professional usually charges a LOT of money to provide you with their service, and this is because THE BUSINESS OF SELLING HOPE TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE IN THE BUSINESS IS MUCH MORE LUCRATIVE AND EASIER than staying at the top of your game in the business.


So, why would they care about working hard, in a rat race, dog eat dog world, when they can just sell their “experience” to people like you?


This is why, I vowed, if I was to ever start these types of services, I would do it on Donation basis. And I want to be clear about that – DONATION ONLY.


Because I am a firm believer that YOU should value what you’ve gotten from me. Not the other way around. If you think I’ve helped you tremendously and feel confident in my experience and knowledge to help, pay me what you think my time and advice, consulting is worth. We all have done our research, we know what people charge for these services, and sometimes, in my mind, it simply is far too much.


Because my passion is to meet and interact with amazing story tellers who just haven’t been discovered yet. To help them hone their craft and make something the world is dying to see. And sometimes, the most amazing ideas are left at the wayside because the creator simply has no idea how to make it viable for someone to be interested in reading.


And that’s how I want to help. I want to put you through a starter course, like many others I’ve worked with, on how to compartmentalize your idea INTO A SELLABLE PACKAGE!


After that course, the options are open to you how you’d like to further collaborate with me. But there is no pressure. Again, as I said, I am here to help you, not make money off you.


A wise person once told me that you shouldn’t be afraid of training people to take your job, it just means you’re at another level of value to find people to do as good a job as you or better. And that’s what I want to do. Give opportunities for people to be a success, because the truth of the matter is, growing people into a success means more success for me. So, that’s my stake in all of this.


And unlike most people who JUST do consulting and make money off of hope, I still want to work in this business, and just help people how I can at selling their ideas. And if I can produce some, or creatively work on others with them, grow my network of amazing talent and make those projects happen, that’s why I got into this business. To work with amazingly creative people who have something to offer this world.


So, how about you show me what you have to offer? You’ve got literally nothing to lose.


Jeremy Thornhill has written, produced, and directed several different forms of entertainment media in his twenty years in the business. He optioned his first script at 19, which helped pay for his college education, and continued the grind in entertainment to eventually work with the biggest companies in the world. Netflix, Disney, HBO, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, Mattel, and more. He’s helped develop some of their biggest properties and continues to strive to fill the world with great stories!

After reaching his goals in his career, he made a vow to help others do the same, and this helps give purpose to his current life, filled with his two children and loving partner, Kiele, who all share the same dream, to bring art and creativity to the world and the individual.

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